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How to Write News Stories (with samples)

Yesterday’s news is today’s history. News by its very nature should be current. If the news in your release is outdated you shouldn’t be sending it in the first place.

newsIt’s very important to position your news in a relevant and timely manner. To do that at the best way possible, make the effort to step outside of your own world. Ask yourself why someone would be interested in the your story, why he or she would want to share it with his friends on Facebook or Twitter. If you find that the news would not be interesting to your audience given the current conditions it is more than likely not a relevant or timely piece. You need to correct that. To help you get started we’ve selected few different news ideas. Read them. Chew them. Make them your own and then write your news.


Our top news ideas:

Starting a new business:

Expanding your operations:

  • This could be great news for a sagging local economy. It will provide more jobs and bring additional revenues in for the local government.
  • Embracing new technologies today, find your running gear easier than ever with our new app

Being more social:

  • Embracing New Technology Leads to Business Success
  • Need a running buddy? There’s an app specifically for that
  • Your business leads the industry by embracing new technologies.

When writing a news story you should consider what is going on locally, nationally, and in your particular industry. The secret to writing timely news is to consider what people want to read at any given time. This will help you develop a tie-in that can make your news story, mesh with what people are currently interested in.

We’ll leave you with a very interesting video discussing how news affect our mind:

Mybootprint.com Announces New Work Boots for 2015

The online reviewer announces that new brands are added to its collection.

The company is trying to stay at the top of the innovation while at the same time puts safety first. Dynamic engineering and the new technologies are closely monitored so the clients are always up-to-date with the newest available technologies in the work boots industry.

All shoes featuring on the site mybootprint.com are handpicked and compared to strict standards. New models are only added if they pass the standards. Our experts review each pair and rank the models, so our customers can find quickly and easy what they are searching for.

To complement the needs of today’s workplaces, they felt the need to add new models to the existing ones that have proved themselves over the years.

Their commitment for innovative, durable and safe footwear has gained us loyal audience. They want to serve wider market, and serve traditionalists, people embracing new technologies and people that want to be fashionable at work.

While it is impossible to implement all characteristics in the same pair of boots, we’ve decided to pick the top boots in each category, point out all pros and cons that we’ve found and give the people the final word which is ‘their pair’.

The brands MyBootprint carry currently include well-recognized names in the industry: Timberland, Caterpillar, Carolina, Wolverine, Dr. Martens, and Red Wings. They are to be adding new models from Danner and Justin too.

My Bootprint strives to always provide in-depth work boots reviews for the best working boots on the market. They know just how important the work boots are, as they are worn day in and day out, 8 hours a day.

About the company:

MyBootprint.com is committed to serving their clients and becoming their top trusted reviewer when it comes to work boots. Their strict quality standards are high and they review material, construction, durability, brand, and break in period of each and every pair.