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10 Good Reasons To Write a Press Release

When it comes to press release, start-up companies have a lot of questions. How, why, what to include. Many questions pop one after the other. The most common one is “When do we need to send a news release?” and the answer is obvious: When it is newsworthy and useful to your readers.

newsApparently, you don’t want to use neither your own time, your team’s time nor the time of the news editors. Only send press release when it meets these two criteria: the press release should be of interest to the reader and to be newsworthy. Remember, it has to fit BOTH these criteria. Not only the first or only the second one. It MUST FIT BOTH!

However, there is a catch. It might be easy to determine whether or not it will suit your target audience, but determining whether your press release is newsworthy is a bit more difficult. These is when you need model ideas that will come handy, so you can compare your idea towards them and determine its newsworthiness. Here we go, this is a list of my sample ideas in no particular order.

  1. Opening a new company – indeed, even creating another small business is news. Sure enough it might not be worth a national coverage, but at a local level it is news.
  2. Opening a new location, office, and plant or acquiring one – is definitely news worth sharing
  3. Announcing a new product or product line
  4. A new achievement or special recognition – success sounds great. Don’t miss an opportunity to show the world how successful you are
  5. Report the results of your study and make a forecast – this is fresh material to media, and is your study’s subject is attention grabber, you might get even better news coverage than you think
  6. Conduct a survey and analyze the results – same as the above, the media loves opinion polls. It is another way to show yourself as an expert in the field
  7. Create a special event related to your industry
  8. Announcing a new executive – you get double the points if the new executive is a recognizable name in the industry
  9. Announcing a scholarship – this brings good karma as well. Giving an opportunity to a bright individual who cannot otherwise go to school is a great deed
  10. Awarding recognition to others – honor those outside your business – like Vendor of the year

But what about if you have nothing to share? It is time to be creative. If you really don’t have any news to report, it is time to roll your sleeves and create the said news. It is not a matter of size, because you will reach your destination no matter how slowly you walk. Let’s say that you are a small company marketing knives – you can write about the addition of a new line of survival knives in the beginning of the season, you can celebrate a new milestone – like reaching your 1000 customer or a year of being in the business and create a little competition awarding the top 3 multi-tools of the year to the winners. You can even make a new study that covers knives and report the results in the form of a nice infographic. Most definitely you will get quite a few mentions, and they will show you as the source of the said study.

For more information, how to write a killer press release check this article on the Guardian.